Garage Door Spring Repair in Louisville, KY

Reliable Garage Door Spring Repair in KY

When your garage door malfunctions, it not only inconveniences you but also proves possibly dangerous—especially when the problem stems from the garage door springs. The tension in these springs holds the door in place and allows it to open and close, but if they break, loosen, or otherwise wear out, prompt repairs are a must.

When you need garage door spring repair in KY, the Action Overhead Door team stands ready with the skills and tools to take care of any problem. Our certified technicians have the expertise to make top-notch repairs to any garage door component quickly and at competitive rates. Whatever style of garage door you have for your home, trust us to keep it working.

If you suspect a problem with the garage door springs, don’t wait for it to get worse or keep you from accessing the garage. Call Action Overhead Door at the first sign of trouble.


Signs You Need To Have the Garage Door Springs Repaired 

One of the most obvious signs of a problem with garage door springs includes hearing a sudden, loud bang in the garage and then being unable to operate the door. The door may sag on one side or be impossible to open, indicating a broken spring.

Other signs you need to get in touch with Action Overhead Door for garage door spring replacement or repair include:

  • Squeaking sounds every time you open or close the door
  • The door doesn’t stay up when you open it
  • The door opens  slowly
  • The door won’t open at all 
  • The door only opens on one side of the door track

Although some problems, like a door that doesn’t open at all, usually indicate broken torsion springs, if the door still opens and closes but is moving more slowly than usual, it’s often due to worn or damaged springs. Over time, the springs can stretch out and lose tension, causing the door to open slowly or be unable to stay open. If this happens, the garage door springs likely only need adjusting.

Leave Garage Door Spring Repair to the Professionals

If the garage door doesn’t work right, a few simple troubleshooting steps can help you determine whether the problem lies with the springs. 

  1. First, close the door and disconnect the garage door opener. Open the door about halfway and slowly release it to see if it will stay up. If it does, continue lifting the door to about shoulder height and check again.
  2. If the door feels unusually heavy or doesn’t stay open at any point, then carefully lower it to the ground and call Action Overhead Door for garage door spring repair in KY.
  3. Never attempt to repair or tighten torsion or extension springs yourself. The extreme tension in the springs allows the door to operate, but it also requires specialized knowledge and tools to manage.

Attempting to fix the springs yourself could result in severe injury or even death if you overtighten the metal and it snaps. Improperly adjusting the tension could also cause the door to close suddenly, injuring anyone standing near it or damaging your vehicle if it closes on it.

Leaving the work to our professionals also ensures the correct parts are in place; you don’t need to worry about installing the wrong spring and causing more damage. You can also rest assured that we’ll install the part correctly, so you don’t need to worry about strange noises, crooked doors, or other issues.

Keep Your Garage Door Working Perfectly

With maintenance, garage door springs typically last about 10,000 cycles, or three to six years (depending on usage) before requiring replacement. Investing in regular maintenance can help keep them in good shape. An annual inspection to identify signs of wear and tear and make any necessary repairs is one of the best ways to avoid problems and potentially dangerous situations. 

Garage door springs also need regular lubrication to keep functioning. Cleaning and oiling the springs prevents excessive wear on the metal and stops squeaking and other noises. Still, all springs can develop small tears and weak spots over time, meaning most will eventually require replacement.

Choose Action Overhead Door for Garage Repairs and Maintenance

A failing garage door is never convenient, but it always seems to occur at the worst possible time. If you suspect a broken spring or the door simply doesn’t work as it should, call Action Overhead Door for fast, professional, and safe repairs. Our customers trust us for a wide range of services, including installation, maintenance, and repairs, and have since 1985.

Don’t put yourself at risk of injury by attempting to fix a malfunctioning door yourself. Leave it to the experts in garage door spring repair in KY that homeowners trust. Make an appointment for service, including 24-hour emergency service, by calling (502) 955-7725 or using the convenient online booking system.

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