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Fire stations, car dealerships, industrial businesses, service stations, and even some restaurants all have one thing in common: the need for sturdy and reliable commercial overhead doors. You may not have given much thought to it, but if your commercial garage doors are older, letting in outdoor elements, and not operating properly, it can cause a number of problems for your business operations, including energy loss, security issues, and weathering of valuable equipment.

If your business utilizes garages to store equipment and supplies, then you need overhead doors that are strong, durable, and dependable for years to come. Action Overhead Door provides a wide range of commercial overhead door solutions in Louisville, KY. We understand your business needs reliable, secure doors to protect inventory and property. That’s why we offer durable, long-lasting overhead doors from CHI Overhead Door. With their wide selection of commercial garage doors, you pick the door you need, and we install it for you.

Our team can even help you choose the perfect door for your space, ensuring it meets all safety requirements while providing easy access to equipment and vehicles. With Action Overhead Door’s top-rated products, installation services, and maintenance and repair services for commercial garage doors in Louisville, KY, you can trust that you’re investing in a garage door that will last.

commercial overhead doors
commercial overhead doors

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

By teaming up with CHI Overhead Door, we can offer you their extensive line of reliable, durable commercial garage door options for your business, along with our professional installation services. There are a variety of commercial garage door options available, including:

  • Commercial Insulated Sandwich Doors
  • Ribbed steel pan and pan-insulated doors
  • Aluminum full-view doors

We also install rolling steel garage doors, which can be useful for various purposes, such as fire stations, concession stands, and even car dealerships. Rolling steel garage door styles include the following:

  • Rolling service doors
  • Counter service doors
  • Rolling fire doors
  • Fire counter shutters
  • Coiling grilles
  • Side-folding grilles and closures

Many of these styles also come with insulation, or you can choose to have them non-insulated. This is another great way to protect your business and equipment as well. With all of these options, you’re sure to find the perfect commercial garage door for your business. Contact Action Overhead Door today to learn more about options, and we can advise you on the right garage door for your business.

Choosing the Right Commercial Garage Door in Louisville, KY

When it comes to selecting a commercial garage door in Louisville, KY, you’ll want to choose one that is designed with your business needs in mind. Our team of experts can help you determine which models and designs are right for your space, taking into account all safety requirements and other factors. We also offer maintenance and repair services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure your business always has properly functioning doors.

Whether you need an insulated door or a rolling steel style, Action Overhead Door provides dependable and long-lasting commercial garage door solutions in Louisville, KY. Contact us today for more information on our selection of doors and installation services.

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